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4000 Essential English Words 4 Unit 24: The Traveler and the Innkeeper

4000 Essential English Words 4 Unit 24: The Traveler and the Innkeeper

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Word List

  • cherish [ˈtʃeriʃ] v. 

To cherish something means to hold it as very important.

 I cherish this trophy I won.

  • compassion [kəmˈpæʃən] n. 

Compassion is a feeling of understanding for someone who is hurt or suffering.

 The veterinarian had compassion for the sick little puppy.

  • consent [kənˈsent] n. 

Consent is permission to do something.

 Their mother gave the children consent to go outside and play.

  • core [kɔːr] n. 

The core is the center of something.

 The rings of a tree start forming at its core.

  • cunning [ˈkʌniŋ] adj. 

If someone is cunning, they are good at tricking people.

 The cunning child fooled his parents into thinking that he was kind.

  • dizzy [ˈdizi] adj. 

If someone is dizzy, then they feel off balance as if they will fall down.

 The pregnant woman was dizzy after standing up too quickly.

  • equilibrium [iːkwəˈlibriəm] n. 

Equilibrium is the balance between different forces.

 The sudden drop in prices upset the equilibrium of the economy.

  • foster [ˈfɔ(:)stər] v. 

To foster a feeling or a skill means to help it develop.

 She helped foster a sense of calm in the little boy.

  • grind [graind] v. 

To grind something means to break it into very small pieces or powder.

 She wanted to grind the beans, so she could brew some coffee.

  • growl [graul] v. 

To growl means to make a deep, angry sound.

  The dog started to growl at the man walking by.

  • moderation [ˌmɒdəˈreɪʃən] n. 

Moderation is a state of being just enough but not too much.

 It is important to eat in moderation so that you can have a healthy body.

  • predator [ˈpredətər] n. 

predator is an animal that kills and eats other animals.

 The peregrine falcon is a predator that eats fish.

  • sane [sein] adj. 

If someone is sane, they can think in a normal way.

 Oliver does not act like a sane person when he is angry.

  • saucer [ˈsɔːsər] n. 

saucer is a small round dish that you set a cup on.

 He placed the spoon on the saucer.

  • snatch [snætʃ] v. 

To snatch something means to take it away with a quick motion.

 He was so hungry that he snatched an apple from a tree.

  • stagger [ˈstægər] v. 

To stagger means to move in an unsteady way and almost fall over.

 He staggered around after having too much to drink.

  • stumble [ˈstʌmbəl] v. 

To stumble means to put your foot down wrong so that you almost fall.

 He stumbled as he ran through the puddle.

  • tense [tens] adj. 

If someone is tense, they are worried something bad might happen.

 After the phone call, Monica was very tense.

  • tumble [ˈtʌmbəl] v. 

To tumble means to fall, often in a rolling way.

 He lost his balance while snowboarding and tumbled to the ground.

  • withhold [wiθˈhould] v. 

To withhold something is to not give it to someone.

 They withheld all information until she paid her fine.

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