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4000 Essential English Words 4 Unit 25: Gilbert and the Lizard

4000 Essential English Words 4 Unit 25: Gilbert and the Lizard

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Word List

  • aircraft [ˈɛəkræft] n. 

An aircraft is a vehicle that flies in the sky, such as an airplane or helicopter.

 At the museum in the airport, you can see a lot of old aircraft.

  • celebrity [ˈsəlebrəti] n. 

celebrity is someone who is famous.

 It was the highlight of the evening when the celebrities arrived.

  • concrete [ˈkɒnkriːt] n. 

Concrete is a substance made from stones.

 The man covered the ground with concrete.

  • decisive [diˈsaisiv] adj. 

If someone is decisive, they make decisions quickly.

 Our boss is very decisive, so it did not take long to organize the project.

  • esteemed [isti:md] adj. 

If someone is esteemed, many people like or respect them.

 An esteemed scientist is coming to the university to talk about her discoveries.

  • ethical [ˈeθikəl] adj. 

If something is ethical, it is the right thing to do.

 Many people believe that it is ethical to help others in need.

  • extinct [iksˈtiŋkt] adj. 

If plants or animals are extinct, there are none left.

 There used to be dinosaurs all over the world, but now they are extinct.

  • hardy [ˈhɑːrdi] adj. 

If a person or plant is hardy, it is strong and can live though difficult conditions.

 The farmer is a hardy man and doesn’t mind working outside.

  • institute [ˈinstətjuːt] n. 

An institute is an organization that is interested in research or teaching.

 I am going to a lecture about ancient Rome at the Historical Institute.

  • jealousy [ˈdʒeləsi] n. 

Jealousy is a feeling of wanting something that somebody else has.

 She felt a lot of jealousy when she saw Luke with two girls.

  • migrate [maiˈgreit] v. 

To migrate means to move from one place to another.

 Many birds migrate to warmer countries in the winter.

  • nurture [ˈnəːtʃər] v. 

To nurture something means to care for it as it grows or develops.

 Robert nurtured his plants, and that is why they grow so well.

  • overhead [ouvərˈhed] adv. 

If something is overhead, it is located above you.

 As we sat on top of the hill, a plane flew overhead.

  • principle [ˈprinsəpəl] n. 

principle is a belief about the correct way to behave.

 To maintain principles, it’s vital to watch, listen, and speak carefully.

  • rural [ˈruərəl] adj. 

If a place is rural, it is in the countryside instead of the city.

 I want to live in a small house in a rural area.

  • secluded [siˈkluːdid] adj. 

If a place is secluded, it is far away from any other place.

 There was a secluded bench in the park.

  • species [ˈspiːʃi(ː)z] n. 

species is a type of plant or animal.

 There are 21 different species of butterfly in this forest.

  • swamp [swɒmp] n. 

swamp is a very wet area of land.

 There are lots of wild animals living in the swamp.

  • traverse [ˈtrævə:rs] v. 

To traverse means to move or travel through an area.

 The explorer traversed the desert alone on a camel.

  • zoology [zouˈɒlədʒɪ] n. 

Zoology is a subject in which people study animals.

 Helen wants to study zoology because she has always liked animals.

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