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4000 Essential English Words 5 Unit 8: Becoming a Healer

4000 Essential English Words 5 Unit 8: Becoming a Healer

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Word List

  • adept [əˈdept] adj. 

If someone is adept at something, they are very good at doing it.

 The carpenter is very adept at building houses.

  • barren [ˈbӕrən] adj. 

If land is barren, it has no plants growing on it.

 People cannot farm in barren lands.

  • ceramic [səˈrӕmik] adj. 

If something is ceramic, it is made of baked clay.

 The house’s roof was made of ceramic tiles.

  • culinary [ˈkʌləneri] adj. 

If something is culinary, it is related to cooking.

 I gained culinary skills after working in a restaurant for many years.

  • dense [dens] adj. 

If something is dense, it has a lot of things close together.

 I easily became lost in the dense forest.

  • dignity [ˈdignəti] n. 

Dignity is the ability to be calm and worthy of respect.

 When his company went out of business, he faced it with dignity.

  • dominate [ˈdɒməneit] v. 

To dominate someone or something is to control them.

 The loud man dominated the conversation.

  • edible [ˈedəbəl] adj. 

If something is edible, you can eat it.

 We learn about edible plants when we go camping.

  • hostile [ˈhɒstəl] adj. 

If someone is hostile, they are angry and unfriendly.

 We were happy to move away from our hostile neighbor.

  • intake [ˈinteik] n. 

Your intake of food is the amount of food you take into your body.

 The doctor said I needed to increase my intake of fruits and vegetables.

  • likewise [ˈlaikwaiz] adv. 

If someone does something likewise, they do the same thing as someone else.

 If Joe is staying away from school to go swimming, I want to do likewise.

  • malnutrition [mӕlnjuˈtriʃən] n. 

Malnutrition is the condition of not getting enough nutrients.

 After eating only a meager amount of food, she suffered from malnutrition.

  • medication [ˌmedəˈkeiʃən] n. 

Medication is medicine or drugs given to people who are sick.

 The doctor gave me medication to treat my illness.

  • misconception [miskənˈsepʃən] n. 

misconception is a wrong idea about something.

 People once believed the misconception that the Earth is flat.

  • obscure [əbˈskjuər] adj. 

If something is obscure, it is not well-known.

 The old man travels the world in search of obscure books.

  • oppress [əˈpres] v. 

To oppress someone means to rule over them in a cruel and unfair way.

 Free speech had been oppressed in his country.

  • peel [piːl] v. 

To peel fruits and vegetables is to remove their skin.

 We peeled the apple before eating it.

  • prescription [priˈskripʃən] n. 

prescription is permission from a doctor to get medicine.

 The doctor gave me a prescription for my medication.

  • respirator [respəˈreitə:r] n. 

respirator is a machine that helps weak or sick people breathe.

 The man needed a respirator to breathe.

  • strive [straiv] v. 

To strive is to struggle to achieve something.

 People who strive to succeed often do.

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