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4000 Essential English Words 4 Unit 29: The Solar Car Race

4000 Essential English Words 4 Unit 29: The Solar Car Race

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Word List

  • automobile [ˈɔːtəməbiːl] n. 

An automobile is a car.

 The first automobiles were very different from the ones that exist today.

  • candidate [ˈkændideit] n. 

candidate is a person who is competing to win something such as a job.

 Alice is the best candidate for the job.

  • confidential [ˌkɒnfɪˈdenʃəl] adj. 

If something is confidential, it must be kept secret.

 The information from the meeting is confidential.

  • corporate [ˈkɔːrpərit] adj. 

If something is corporate, it is related to a large business.

 Tom enjoys working in the corporate world.

  • enhance [enhæns] v. 

To enhance something is to make it better.

 Amy’s blue shirt really enhances the color of her eyes.

  • era [ˈerə] n. 

An era is a period of time that has something special about it.

 During the medieval era, knights wore protective armor.

  • guideline [ˈgaidlain] n. 

guideline is a rule about how to do something.

 Before they began the project, the teacher gave them some guidelines.

  • incorporate [inˈkɔːrpəreit] v. 

To incorporate is to add something to another thing.

 I decided to incorporate a new ingredient into my cake recipe.

  • interact [intərˈӕkt] v. 

To interact is to talk to or do something with another person.

 The kids began to interact when the adults left the room.

  • interval [ˈintərvəl] n. 

An interval is the time between two things happening.

 Tony rested for brief intervals while he worked in the yard.

  • mobile [ˈmoubail] adj. 

If something is mobile, it can be moved easily.

 Mobile phones are popular because you can take them anywhere.

  • modify [ˈmɒdəfai] v. 

To modify something is to change it a little bit.

 I modified my outfit by adding a belt to it.

  • parallel [ˈpærəlel] adj. 

If two things are parallel, they are the same distance away from each other.

 There are two yellow parallel lines dividing both sides of traffic.

  • phenomenon [fiˈnɒmənɒn] n. 

phenomenon is something that can be seen as it is happening.

 I was amazed when I saw the phenomenon of shooting stars.

  • pollute [pəˈluːt] v. 

To pollute means to make air, water, or land dirty, unclean, or foul.

 The careless factory polluted the river with chemicals.

  • ridicule [ˈridikjuːl] v. 

To ridicule is to make fun of something in a mean way.

 The other students ridicule Peter’s foreign accent.

  • solar [ˈsoulə:r] adj. 

If something is solar, it is related to the sun.

 Using solar energy is good for the environment.

  • territory [ˈterətɔ:ri] n. 

territory is a piece of land that belongs to a country but isn’t a state.

 Gibraltar is a territory of Great Britain.

  • tournament [ˈtuə:rnəmənt] n. 

tournament is a competition, usually with many people participating.

 My dad is playing in a golf tournament tomorrow.

  • transportation [ˌtrænspəːrˈteɪʃən] v. 

Transportation is any type of vehicle that can carry people or things.

 I don’t have a car, so my normal transportation is the train.

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