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4000 Essential English Words 6 Unit 19: Seizures Then and Now

4000 Essential English Words 6 Unit 19: Seizures Then and Now

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Word List

  • airway [ˈɛərwei] n. 

An airway is the passage by which air reaches a person’s lungs.

 Since he was sick, mucus would occasionally get stuck in his airway.

  • Almighty [ɔːlˈmaiti] n. 

The Almighty is a name for a god in a religion.

 Before eating, they thanked the Almighty for their food.

  • advent [ˈædvənt] n. 

An advent is the arrival or beginning of an important person, thing, or event.

 During the advent of radio, very few programs actually played music.

  • constellation [ˌkɒnstəˈleiʃən] n. 

constellation is a group of stars with a recognizable shape.

 That constellation in the shape of a square is named after a flying horse.

  • definitive [diˈfinətiv] adj. 

If something is definitive, then it is the most official.

 This library has the definitive collection of books on ancient Egypt.

  • equate [iˈkweit] v. 

To equate one thing with another is to compare them and consider them very similar.

 She equated the man’s messy appearance with a lack of responsibility.

  • inhale [inˈheil] v. 

To inhale means to take air or a smell into the lungs.

 The camper inhaled the cool and fresh mountain air and felt relaxed.

  • invoke [inˈvouk] v. 

To invoke something is to mention it to support an argument or ask for help.

 Before going into battle, the soldier invoked the name of his god for protection.

  • lunar [ˈluːnər] adj. 

If something is lunar, then it is related to the moon.

 During a lunar eclipse, Earth’s shadow darkens the moon’s surface.

  • novelty [ˈnɒvəlti] n. 

novelty is something that is new, original, or strange.

 Ice cream was a novelty for him since he rarely had any.

  • outmoded [ˌautˈmoudid] adj. 

If something is outmoded, then it is no longer in fashion or use.

 Black and white television sets are outmoded.

  • personalize [ˈpəːrsənəlaiz] v. 

To personalize something means to design it to meet a person’s unique needs.

 He personalized the woman’s exercises to give her a better workout.

  • pertain [pəːrˈtein] v. 

To pertain to something means to be related or connected to it.

 All of the lawyer’s questions pertained to events around the night of the crime.

  • primal [ˈpraiməl] adj. 

If something is primal, then it is very basic or related to the origin of something.

 Cooking the food over the camp fire felt like a primal way of making a meal.

  • psychiatric [ˌsaikiˈætrik] adj. 

If something is psychiatric, then it is related to mental illness or its treatment.

 The doctor said the patient might have a psychiatric problem.

  • psychiatry [saiˈkaiətri] n. 

Psychiatry is the study and treatment of mental illness.

 Studying psychiatry has taught me a lot about mental illness.

  • reflex [ˈriːfleks] n. 

reflex is an unconscious action in which a body part responds to an event.

 There was a reflex when the doctor hit his knee with a rubber hammer.

  • seizure [ˈsiːʒər] n. 

seizure is sudden illness in which the body loses control and shakes.

 Bright flashing lights can cause seizures in children.

  • session [ˈseʃən] n. 

session is a meeting at a regular time in order to discuss and solve an issue.

 Every three months the managers met in a session to discuss regional sales.

  • utensil [juːˈtensəl] n. 

utensil is a common tool or container.

 It seemed that a fork was the wrong utensil for trying to eat the soup.

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