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4000 Essential English Words 6 Unit 20: The Greedy Bee

4000 Essential English Words 6 Unit 20: The Greedy Bee

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Word List

  • adhesive [ædˈhiːsiv] n. 

An adhesive is a substance used for sticking things together.

 The carpenter used an adhesive to hold the two pieces of wood together.

  • adverse [ˈædvəːrs] adj. 

If something is adverse, then it is harmful.

 Not eating healthy foods can have an adverse effect on your health.

  • dependency [diˈpendənsi] n. 

dependency is a strong need for someone or something.

 The child still has a dependency on her mother.

  • dump [dʌmp] v. 

To dump something means to throw it away or get rid of it.

 She dumped the garbage into the trash can.

  • eternal [iˈtəːrnəl] adj. 

If something is eternal, then it lasts forever.

 She said that her love for him was eternal.

  • fluctuate [ˈflʌktjueit] v. 

To fluctuate means to rise and fall in number or amount.

 Prices for gasoline have been fluctuating all month.

  • fro [frou] adv. 

If something moves to and fro, it moves backward and forward or side to side.

 Her long hair went to and fro as she swung on the swing.

  • inclusion [inˈkluːʒən] n. 

Inclusion is the act of including someone or something in a group.

 Her inclusion into the photo club was well received.

  • intermediate [ˌintərˈmiːdiit] adj. 

If something is intermediate, then it is in the middle of two levels, places, or times.

 He selected the intermediate ski hill to begin his afternoon of skiing.

  • intermittent [ˌintərˈmitənt] adj. 

If something is intermittent, then it happens in a way that is not constant.

 It was hard to focus because intermittent noises came from the workers outside.

  • mentor [ˈmentɔːr] n. 

mentor is a person with experience or knowledge who advises someone.

 The students each chose a mentor to help them with the experiment.

  • phoenix [ˈfiːniks] n. 

phoenix is an imaginary bird that burned to ashes and was reborn.

 Some believe the phoenix is a symbol for rebirth and a new beginning.

  • photosynthesis [ˌfoutouˈsinθəsis] n. 

Photosynthesis is the process in which plants change sunlight and air.

 The chemical in plants that makes them green is used in photosynthesis.

  • pollen [ˈpɒlən] n. 

Pollen is the tiny yellow powder made in the flowers of plants.

 During the spring, the pollen in the air makes some people become sick.

  • regain [riˈgein] v. 

To regain something means to get it back.

 The battery regained its power after being recharged.

  • reverse [riˈvəːrs] v. 

To reverse means to change to the opposite direction.

 They reversed their direction after seeing the sign.

  • swarm [swɔrːm] n. 

swarm is a group of flying insects.

 A beautiful swarm of butterflies filled the summer sky.

  • texture [ˈtekstʃər] n. 

Texture is the quality of something that can be known by its touch.

 The texture of her skin was very soft and smooth.

  • tickle [ˈtikəl] v. 

To tickle someone is to touch them in a way that causes laughter.

 The mother tickled the little boy’s foot, and he screamed with laughter.

  • vibrant [ˈvaibrənt] adj. 

If something is vibrant, then it is bright and full of color.

 Their new shirts were a vibrant shade of red.

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