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Essential Words for the TOEFL Lesson 12 Vocabulary Test

Essential Words for the TOEFL Lesson 12 Vocabulary Test

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  • benefit (adv. beneficially; adj. beneficial; n. benefit; n. beneficiary)
  1. to be useful or helpful

Use of solar power will benefit all mankind.
It is extremely beneficial to prepare for a test.

  • blind (adv. blindly; n. blindness)

adj. unable to see or understand; to conceal; showing poor judgment or understanding
syn. unaware

They were blind to the fact that they had little chance to succeed.
He went into the job blindly, with no previous experience.

  • broaden (adv. broadly; adj. broad; n. breadth)
  1. to make larger or greater

Education will broaden your opportunities to land a good job.
The breadth of his knowledge is impressive.

  • burgeon (adj. burgeoning)
  1. growing at a fast pace

His talent as a pianist burgeoned at the age of 14.
The burgeoning population of major cities is creating a demand for more services.

  • carry out
  1. to perform a task, often for someone else

The boss required her team to carry out their plan.
The prime minister asked for his order to be carried out immediately.

  • conspicuously (adj. conspicuous)

adv. attracting attention
syn. noticeably

His name was conspicuously absent from the list of winners.
The attorneys were conspicuous for their aggressive manner in the courtroom.

  • deficient (adv. deficiently; n. deficiency)

adj. not having enough of something
syn. lacking

A diet deficient in calcium can lead to bad health.
There is a deficiency of qualified engineers in the country.

  • eloquent (adv. eloquently; n. eloquence)

adj. expressing clearly, effectively, and convincingly
syn. articulate ( adj.)

Successful politicians are usually eloquent speakers.
That student’s essay is eloquently written.

  • endorse (n. endorsement)
  1. to express approval

The union endorsed the new contract.
The president’s endorsement of the project guaranteed its funding.

  • enormous (adv. enormously; n. enormity)

adj. very large
syn. tremendous

His enormous wealth allows him to contribute to many charities.
A diet with many fruits and vegetables is enormously beneficial to the body.

  • entirely (adj. entire; n. entirety)

adv. completely
syn. thoroughly

The economist was entirely right in his analysis.
The president released the speech in its entirety before the news conference.

  • erode (n. erosion)
  1. to wear away; disappear slowly

The senator’s support is eroding because of his unpopular positions on the major issues.
It took millions of years of erosion for nature to form the Grand Canyon.

  • evaporate (n. evaporation)
  1. to vanish

The chances of the two sides reaching an agreement have evaporated.
The evaporation of the funds was unexplainable.

  • recover (adj. recovered; adj. recoverable; n. recovery)
  1. to get back; to have something returned

The NASA team was unable to recover the space capsule.
The recovered objects had not been damaged.

  • reportedly (adj. reported; v. report; n. report)

adv. to know by report; unconfirmed; supposedly
syn. rumored

The students reportedly sent a representative, but she has not yet arrived.
The reported tornado has not been confirmed.

  • shift (adj. shifting; v. shift; adj. shifty)
  1. a change in position or direction

The shift in the wind was helpful to the sailors.
Earthquakes are caused by the shifting of the Earth’s crust along tectonic faults.

  • susceptible (n. susceptibleness; adj. susceptibly)

adj. to be subject to influence; capable of being affected by a person or thing
syn. vulnerable

When traveling in tropical climates, travelers are susceptible to malaria.
Adolescents are especially susceptible to the influence of their friends.

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