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Essential Words for the TOEFL Lesson 13 Vocabulary Test

Essential Words for the TOEFL Lesson 13 Vocabulary Test

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  • accolade
  1. an award or distinction

She received many accolades during her academic career.
A Nobel Prize is just one of his many accolades.

  • crucial (adv. crucially)

adj. of great importance; extremely necessary
syn. critical

Favorable weather is crucial to a good harvest.
Having all the information necessary to make a good decision is crucially important.

  • elude (adj. elusive; n. elusiveness)
  1. to escape in a tricky way

The criminal has eluded the police for months.
Success has been elusive for the team.

  • evident (adv. evidently; n. evidence)

adj. easy to see, usually because of some proof
syn. apparent

It is evident that you are not feeling well.
All the evidence points to the presence of hydrogen.

  • exhaust (adv. exhaustively; adj. exhaustive; adj. exhausting; adj. exhausted; n. exhaustion)
  1. to use completely; to expend all energy; very thorough

They exhausted their energy in ten minutes.
The exhaustive report was acclaimed by everyone.

  • extensive (adv. extensively; v. extend*; n. extension*)

adj. large in area or number
       *to offer; to make longer
syn. comprehensive

The extensive snowfall caused problems throughout the city.
The professor extended a warm welcome to the new student.

  • face
  1. to be in the presence of and oppose

The mountain climbers faced grave danger on the cliff.
He finds it difficult to face his problems.

  • facet (adj. faceted)
  1. element or component

The proposal had many beneficial facets.
It was a multifaceted problem that challenged the entire student body.

  • idol (n. idolatry; adj. idolatrous)
  1. a person or image that is loyally admired or respected

The Beatles, a famous singing group of the 1960s, were the idols of many teenage girls.
Sports fans often idolize famous athletes.

  • inaccessible (n. inaccessibility; adv. inaccessibly)

adj. something that cannot be reached or communicated with
syn. remote

The summit of the mountain was inaccessible.
The dignitary’s inaccessibility frustrated the reporter.

  • oblivious (n. obliviousness; adj. obliviously)

adj. to be unaware of or forgetful
syn. ignorant

The students were oblivious to the fact that the test would cover the entire chapter.
The coastal inhabitants were oblivious to the dangers of the approaching hurricane.

  • obviously (adj. obvious)

adv. in a clear, easy-to-understand way
syn. evidently

It had obviously rained.
It was obvious that he had not practiced his oral report.

  • offensive (n. offensiveness; adv. offensively)

adj. causing anger; rude; being unpleasant
syn. insulting

Rotten eggs emit an offensive odor.
Her offensive remarks angered the entire audience.

  • predictably (adj. predictable; v. predict; n. prediction)

adv. in a way that foretells future events
syn. expectedly

She predictably forgot to do her assignment.
The government’s predictions were accurate.

  • suitable (adv. suitably; v. suit)

adj. appropriate; correct; convenient
syn. appropriate

Her dress was not suitable for the occasion.
The agreement suits all the members of the negotiating team.

  • surpass (adj. surpassable; n. surpasser)
  1. to go beyond

The movie surpassed even the film critics’ high expectations.
The soccer player will probably surpass the scoring record set last year.

  • uphold (n. upholder)
  1. to support or maintain

The tree house was upheld by three thick tree branches.
Each president of the United States must promise to uphold the Constitution.

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