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Essential Words for the TOEFL Lesson 17 Vocabulary Test

Essential Words for the TOEFL Lesson 17 Vocabulary Test

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  • abysmal

adj. very bad; awful
syn. appalling

Her performance on the test was abysmal.
He made an abysmal attempt to lift the heavy couch.

  • agitate (n. agitation; n. agitator)
  1. to shake or move; to cause worry

The fact that she had not arrived by midnight agitated her parents.
He was known as a political agitator.

  • comply (adj. compliant; n. compliance)
  1. to agree to follow a request or command; to adhere to specific standards

A well-trained dog will comply when told to sit.
Students must maintain a B average to remain in compliance with the scholarship’s rules.

  • confidential (v. confide; adv. confidentially; n. confidant)

adj. to be said or written in secret
syn. secret

We were told that the information is strictly confidential.
She confided to me that she had always wanted to be a movie star.

  • delighted (adj. delightfully; adj. delightful; n. delight)

adj. to be satisfied; very happy
syn. elated

He was delighted with the results of the experiment.
It was a delightful afternoon.

  • discreetly (adj. discreet)

adv. in a careful, polite manner
syn. cautiously

The teacher discreetly told the parents about their child’s inappropriate behavior.
You can count on me to be discreet.

  • documented (adj. documentary; v. document; n. documentation)

adj. proven with written evidence
syn. proven

He had documented proof that the bank had made an error.
The car’s documentation was in order.

  • endemic

adj. native to or commonly found in a specific place
syn. indigenous

Kiwi birds are endemic only to Australia.
The use of English is by no means endemic to English-speaking countries.

  • evoke
  1. to call up or produce memories or feelings; to cause to remember

Hearing her favorite song evoked fond memories of her high school years.
Most sounds evoke hints of time and place.

  • gradually (adj. gradual)

adv. slowly, but surely
syn. steadily

The bay has gradually deteriorated over the years.
There has been a gradual change in the climate over the past decade.

  • impartial (n. impartiality)

adj. showing no favoritism; being fair or just
syn. objective

Teachers must be impartial judges of their students’ work.
Judges are known for their impartiality.

  • inordinate (adv. inordinately)

adj. a large amount or quantity; more than reasonable
syn. excessive

The airlines had to cancel an inordinate number of flights due to the fog.
There was an inordinately large number of whales off the coast.

  • intentionally (adj. intentional; n. intention; n. intent)

adv. with definite purpose and planning
syn. deliberately

The machine was left on intentionally.
Her action was an indication of her good intentions.

  • intrinsic (adv. intrinsically)

adj. being a primary part of something
syn. inherent

A penny has little intrinsic value.
The forests of the Northwest are intrinsically rich in natural resources.

  • inundate (n. inundation)
  1. to flood

The radio stations were inundated with reports of a severe traffic accident.
The charity received an inundation of donations after the news story was published.

  • mindset
  1. an established attitude or mood

A person is more likely to succeed if he or she approaches projects with a positive mindset.
The political mindset is different in every region of the country.

  • nominal (adv. nominally)

adj. very small; in form, but not in substance
syn. moderate

The office building was sold at a nominal price.
She was nominally successful as an actress.

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