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Essential Words for the TOEFL Lesson 18 Vocabulary Test

Essential Words for the TOEFL Lesson 18 Vocabulary Test

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  • absurd (adv. absurdly; n. absurdity)

adj. clearly false; without reason
syn. ridiculous

Confidentially, I think his suggestion is absurd.
They are absurdly irrational about the issue.

  • allocation (adj. allocated; v. allocate)
  1. a share; a part set aside for a special purpose; an assignment of portions

His allocation of materials was gradually used up.
Allocating office space in the building was a difficult task.

  • balanced (v. balance; n. balance)

adj. a state where everything is of the same size or weight; an element on one side that counters an equal element on the other
syn. equalized

He made a balanced presentation of both points of view.
The museum contains a pleasant balance of paintings from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

  • brazen

adj. defiant or shameless
syn. bold

The student brazenly defended her thesis.
The brazen politician did not withdraw from the debate.

  • come across
  1. to find or discover, usually by chance

The woman came across the old love letters while looking through photos of her youth.
The professor came across the article while searching the Internet.

  • culminate (n. culmination; adj. culminating)
  1. to finish; to reach a climax or the highest point

The rock song culminated in a loud guitar solo.
After four years of diligent study, the student’s hard work culminated in several offers of full scholarships for college.

  • demeanor
  1. someone’s outward appearance or behavior
    syn.conduct ( n.)

The old woman had a pleasant demeanor.
The dog was huge, but its friendly demeanor eased my fears.

  • exert (n. exertion)
  1. to put into use; to put forth an effort

He had to exert all of his strength to move the heavy box.
Your body will be better prepared for physical exertion if you exercise daily.

  • fallacious (adv. fallaciously; n. fallacy)

adj. having errors
syn. incorrect

Her fallacious argument could not be defended.
It is a fallacy to think that money will bring you happiness.

  • feasible (adv. feasibly; n. feasibility)

adj. able to be done
syn. possible

It is a feasible design for the high-rise building.
Before they begin the project, a study must be done of its feasibility.

  • intuition (adj. intuitive)
  1. a feeling or instinct

He often relies on his intuition rather than analyzing the situation logically.
Her intuition told her that there was more to the story than she knew.

  • lack (adj. lacking; v. lack)
  1. a need for; an insufficient amount

There was an inordinate lack of rain last fall.
The mathematician was lacking in communication skills.

  • limber

adj. to be stretched; easily shaped
syn. flexible

The dancer has a limber body.
He was able to perform the limber movements that are required of a gymnast.

  • means
  1. ways

He was told to finish the job by any means available to him.
The most convenient means of communicating with someone is by phone.

  • preconception (adj. preconceived; v. preconceive)
  1. an opinion formed in advance without experience or knowledge of something

It is difficult to overcome preconceptions if we are not open to new ideas.
His preconceived notions about Los Angeles disappeared after he visited the city.

  • robust (adv. robustly; n. robustness)

adj. showing good health; in good shape
syn. energetic

The robust economy is expected to continue growing quickly.
The new product is selling robustly.

  • swift (adv. swiftly; n. swiftness)

adj. quick
syn. fast

The contestants were swift thinkers.
They swiftly agreed with the conclusion of the report.

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