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Essential Words for the TOEFL Lesson 24 Vocabulary Test

Essential Words for the TOEFL Lesson 24 Vocabulary Test

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  • affordable (adv. affordably; v. afford)

adj. able to be done, usually referring to something you can do without damage or loss
syn. economical

The new dictionary is quite affordable.
He could afford the house because of current low interest rates.

  • contaminated (v. contaminate; n. contamination)

adj. to make something impure by adding something dirty or a poisonous substance
syn. pollute

This contaminated water supply must be closed off to the public.
Bacteria and insects are frequently agents of food contamination.

  • discernible (adv. discernibly; v. discern; n. discernment)

adj. noticeable; easily seen
syn. detectable

A feeling of anxiety was discernible among the members of the team.
The new student was unable to discern the humor of the teacher’s joke.

  • flourishing (v. flourish)

adj. active and growing; healthy
syn. thriving

Small flourishing companies would be harmed by an increase in the minimum wage.
A young mind will flourish with the proper guidance.

  • insufficient

adj. not enough; unsatisfactory
syn. inadequate

He had insufficient materials to build his construction project.
A small breakfast is usually insufficient to have a good start to the day.

  • maintain (n. maintenance)
  1. to support; to keep in good condition

The building had to be renovated because it was not well maintained.
Proper maintenance of a car’s engine will preserve its performance and value.

  • mediocre (n. mediocrity)

adj. of average quality; not good or bad
syn. average

This is a mediocre research report.
The mediocrity of his work was disappointing.

  • negligible (adv. negligibly; adj. neglected; adj. neglectful; adj. negligent; n. neglect; n. negligence; v. neglect)

adj. hardly noticeable; scarcely detectable
v. to ignore; to give little attention
syn. insignificant

The amount of bacteria in the culture was negligible.
His negligence caused him to lose all of the work he had done on the computer.

  • parallel (v. parallel)

adj. being almost of the same type or time; comparable
syn. similar

There were many parallels between his life and mine.
Her background parallels mine.

  • potent

adj. very strong
syn. powerful

He gave a potent speech at the convention.
The venom of the coral snake is extremely potent.

  • reciprocate
  1. to give something or express a feeling in return

After he fixed her car, she reciprocated by buying him lunch.
He is very polite, and I reciprocate by showing him the same politeness.

  • remarkable (adv. remarkably)

adj. worthy of mention; uncommon
syn. exceptional

The invention of the radio was a remarkable achievement.
The actor was remarkably calm before his performance.

  • scattered (v. scatter)

adj. spread out or separated widely
syn. dispersed

Hurricane Andrew left debris scattered throughout Miami.
The crowd scattered when it began to rain heavily.

  • somewhat

adj. a little
syn. slight

They feel somewhat tired after the mile run.
Buying food at a convenience store can be somewhat expensive.

  • stem from
  1. emerge or develop from something
    syn. originate

The author’s talent in writing stems from his love of reading books.
Many opportunities have stemmed from his decision to attend the university.

  • tedious (adv. tediously; n. tedium)

adj. long and tiring
syn. monotonous

The tedious lecture bored most of the audience.
Some people become frustrated by the tedium of daily living.

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